Fuck The Google (by Beaufort)

8 05 2008

Beaufort - Fuck the Google” Fuck the google.  Fuck the iPod.  Fuck the emo.  Fuck the new God. Fuck Celebrity. Fuck Cocaine. Fuck Am3rica. It fucks up your brian. ”

With lyrics like these how can you not love this new song by Beaufort, aptly titled ‘Fuck The Google’.   Here it is for your listening / dancing / fucking pleasure.





6 responses

8 05 2008

Well, it sure is interesting.

19 11 2008
Anti Christ

Fuck the world and gods

3 12 2008

Is it just me, or is he sampling the piano line from Christopher Cross’ Ride Like the Wind? That’s the first thing I’m hearing…….

14 12 2008

fuck google i hate to used it. I fucking search enginewont never use that

8 01 2009

Fuck numbers for letters, fuck faux-edgy shit, fuck the word ‘haters’, fuck dealing with kids. Fuck the entire ‘net and fuck telephones too, fuck the 21st Century I’m off to sniff glue


14 06 2009

Well…fuck the Earth in the axis….From North to South pole….and of course…FUCK THE GOOGLE!

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