Samsung UMPC as a phone terminal add-on

31 03 2009

Set this up on my desk between my 4 monitors. W00t!


Danny Howells returns to NYC April 3!

24 03 2009


$20 Presale tix at

Hangin out with Darrell Hammond!

20 03 2009

Hangin out with Darrell Hammond!

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Lenovo’s sexy new concept netbook – the Pocket Yoga

16 03 2009

All I can say about this new concept netbook from Lenovo is WOW.  What you’re looking at is a convertible touchscreen tablet/netbook hybrid device with a nicely space keyboard, presumably packing an Atom chipset, all wrapped in sexy orange leather. Its ultra compact form factor means it might actually be pocketable, hence its name ‘Pocket Yoga’.  Lenovo – please follow through on this one!  Pics and link below-

Link goes to Electronista

My new-new netbook: Lenovo S10

13 03 2009


So after hours of failure in getting OS X to run on my Asus EEE 1000HE, I gave up and went and picked up this sexy little number – the Lenovo S10 netbook.  Although it doesn’t have that massive 9.5 hour battery of the 1000HE, it is way lighter, thinner, and overall sexier.  Plus it’s proven to work with OS X.  So here goes nothin’

Deloreans are still hot!

13 03 2009

Just spotted parked outside my office building. Looks brand new!  Backkkk to the Fuuuuture!

Apartment fire on my block! Melted PS3’s and saved lives

12 03 2009


This @#$% is crazy! A huge fire on the top floor of an apt building on my street is majorly on fire right now.  The whole East Village is full of smoke, people running  both away from and toward the scene. The sound of falling glass from the apts above inexplicably made me bring out my phone; I managed to shoot some live Qik videos of the carnage.  Guys on top of 5 story tall ladders breaking out windows so people inside can grab on and climb down the ladder.  Don’t judge till u watch them all –> here:

Live video of the scene:

Here’s the map:
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