Bank of America bails us out with free museum passes!

4 03 2009

It’s about damn time we got something back from all those tax dollars. On March 7-8 (and April 4-5) everyone can get free admission to a bunch of great NYC museums on Bank of America’s tab. Here’s the list for NYC, click the link below for other states.
Bank of America free museum passes
Link to BoA Museums on Us via



One response

9 04 2009

Thanks for the post, gave me the idea to make it to one of the museums, havn’t been since I was a kid. Had an awsome time, then an even awsomer time at Blockheads, where I sipped delicious margaritas for 4 hours with my buddy, and then ….. I had invited a friend to come that morning, she couldn’t, but she in turn invited me to a sicky VIP section birthday party at an ill club on 21st street!!!! Got in, danced the night away, probably the most awsome night existing in my partially defunct short term memory! Thanks boi

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