NYC-> Cancun -> NYC -> Swineflu -> Tamiflu

28 04 2009

I got back to NYC from 4 glorious days in Cancun late last night and had a bad cough and sore throat. So today I went to see a doctor just to be safe.  While I’m almost positive I just have a normal cold or flu, I was prescribed Tamiflu, given face masks, and sentenced to stay home from work for 10 days. I went to three and called three more pharmacies around the East Village until I finally found one that had Tamiflu in-stock. (Walgreens on Astor Place is where I found it).  B

At least I had a blast in Cancun, Swine-flu or no swine-flu!


Some downtime in Cancun

24 04 2009

Some downtime in Cancun

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Layin’ on the beach with a cocktail and some choon’s. Meetings?
Reports? Deadlines? I am sittin’ this one OUT!

AUTO-MAC drive thru? Awesome

24 04 2009

AUTO-MAC drive thru? Awesome

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Another inventive use for my name. 🙂
Found in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Retro-futuro earphones from Elecom on the cheaps

9 04 2009


Can’t argue with those bright colors now can you?  Who knows how good they sound IRL, but who cares, they look awesome!

Audio Cubes is sellin these (and more styles) for $29.99 over here

Thanks to Gearlive for the ups

Stereo Bluetooth headphones + iPhone 3.0 = WIN!

1 04 2009


One of the coolest things about the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software is support for A2DP Stereo Bluetooth devices (FINALLY!).  I just updated to the new iPhone 3.0 beta 2 firmware, So I picked up a pair of Motorola bluetooth headphones from Newegg for just under $40 to see how it works.  One word – awesome.   Finally iPhone can do what every other smartphone could since 2005, stream music wirelessly to headphones or speakers.  After a painless pairing of the headphones  to the iPhone, I was jammin to my iPod tracks sans wires almost instantly.  Sound quality was more than adequate and the range indoors was about 25-30 feet.  Outdoor use is another ballgame however, with the headphones getting choppy or cutting out with the iPhone in my pants pocket.  I moved the phone to my jacket pocket and the connection cleared right up.  Much better performance than on my Win-mo phones in the past.  All in all a great move from Apple, albeit two years in the making.


Fever Ray – The Knife evolves

1 04 2009


The new solo album from Swedish electronic artist Karin Dreijer Andersson, whom you might remember as the lead in brother-sister duo THE KNIFE, is utterly amazing.  Give it a go!

Download Fever Ray

And two new music videos: