Stereo Bluetooth headphones + iPhone 3.0 = WIN!

1 04 2009


One of the coolest things about the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software is support for A2DP Stereo Bluetooth devices (FINALLY!).  I just updated to the new iPhone 3.0 beta 2 firmware, So I picked up a pair of Motorola bluetooth headphones from Newegg for just under $40 to see how it works.  One word – awesome.   Finally iPhone can do what every other smartphone could since 2005, stream music wirelessly to headphones or speakers.  After a painless pairing of the headphones  to the iPhone, I was jammin to my iPod tracks sans wires almost instantly.  Sound quality was more than adequate and the range indoors was about 25-30 feet.  Outdoor use is another ballgame however, with the headphones getting choppy or cutting out with the iPhone in my pants pocket.  I moved the phone to my jacket pocket and the connection cleared right up.  Much better performance than on my Win-mo phones in the past.  All in all a great move from Apple, albeit two years in the making.





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2 04 2009
mark boyce

S9s suck!

17 04 2009

Oh, thank for the information. I have been waiting for this feature in iphone 3G .I though of purchasing an additional bluetooth adapter for the iphone. but after i saw your post I went to the apple site and heard the good news. Really I am very much happy about the news and I am waiting for the software good version not the beta version.

well how can I download the beta version?

16 05 2009

This is not true. Although you can answer and hear phone calls with this headset, you can not listen to music from your iPhone with no adapter. I bought these headphones after reading this article just to be disapointed; in fact I’m about to take them back right now. I tried them with every single 3.0 beta OS that’s out. (Beta 1-5 and none of them work) The closest I got is if you are playing music from the iPhone and you call your voicemail then you can hear the music in the background out of one side of the headset. But overall I would not recomment this headset for the iPhone at all.

24 05 2009

@Cednet: hey, I am running iPhone os 3.0 5 beta, I installed on my phone because I really wanted to use my motorockr 9s, at first I connected the iPhone to the motorocker and nothing, I had to turn of th Bt on the iPhone and restart the headset. This is the only reason why I tried the beta version, at the bottom of the iPod app it let’s u switch between output devices.

One thing with this version, I don’t have phone/carrier signal. It kind of sucks, somebody please let me know if u know a good fix for this.

24 05 2009

Cool. I’m glad you got it to work. Do you have T-Mobile or AT&T? I tried beta 5 on mine and I had no problem with the signal; but I’m using T-Mobile. Do you have the 3G phone or the 2G? I haven’t tried the 3.0 on the 3G phone yet (it’s my wife’s) I have only tried it on my 2G and don’t remember seeing an option in the iPod app. I may fool with it again over the holidays. I ended up taking my headphones back. I was just going to wait until Apple releases the 3.0 which is suppose to be some time in June right? Well like I said I’m glad you go yours working.

1 06 2009

Hey u fannaly had my carrier signal back up after registring my serial numbers as a developer. Apple blocked this option in beta 5 for AT&T and thethering and others.

Like Hayhay siad, I don’t think the iPhone 2g has bluethooth my friend, that might be why yours didn’t work

27 08 2010

Yes it does.

1 06 2009

Re: Cednet
First you said the stereo bluetooth wouldn’t work for you playing music…then you say you’ve only tried the 3.0 beta on your 2G phone. You are aware that A2DP is not and will not be possible on the 2G…only the 3G will have that capability.

4 06 2009

Thanks for all the comments. I just got a 3g phone today. I’m going to but the 3.0 beta 2 software on it and try it out. I know the Beta 5 only works if you register as a developer (as far as the signal).

4 06 2009

Or wait till Monday

10 06 2009

All of the betas require you to register as a developer and register the phone to your developer account. You will not connect to a cell network until you do both.

3.0 beta, since beta 1, has worked with A2DP. The GM version that was released yesterday is working great and seems to have fixed the few issues I had with various past betas. If I was you, not a developer, I would wait until the true final release is out there.

1 07 2009

I came across this tweet just now about the Sony Ericsson headphones and the Iphone:

25 07 2009

I found this out after update by total accident. I was very happy though.

10 08 2009

I have had the Nokia Bt-501 bluetooth stereo headset for about 3 years and it works very seamlessly with my Nokia N95. I paired it with my new Iphone 3gs 32 gig with the newest os upgrade 3.01 and it works up till the phone power goes to standby then the music comes through with some serious 2-4 second chops. It has something to do with the bluetooth interactivity cause it does not do this with the wired headsets. Hope someone my have some insight.

13 12 2009
Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

I can’t believe it has taken so long to be able to use these on an iPhone. It’s about time.

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