NYC-> Cancun -> NYC -> Swineflu -> Tamiflu

28 04 2009

I got back to NYC from 4 glorious days in Cancun late last night and had a bad cough and sore throat. So today I went to see a doctor just to be safe.  While I’m almost positive I just have a normal cold or flu, I was prescribed Tamiflu, given face masks, and sentenced to stay home from work for 10 days. I went to three and called three more pharmacies around the East Village until I finally found one that had Tamiflu in-stock. (Walgreens on Astor Place is where I found it).  B

At least I had a blast in Cancun, Swine-flu or no swine-flu!




3 responses

28 04 2009

Tamiflu is ineffective. First myalgia, then raw throat, followed by 102 degree fever, then respiratory difficulty, culminating in respiratory failure. Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Cytokine storm!!

29 04 2009

At least you had a good time Mac. If you have the flu that sucks! Feel better soon.

12 05 2009

Thanks for the free movie sites — > —– ^

Good to see your alive and posting 😉

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