DJ overload this weekend in NYC!

25 06 2009

Check out the crazy concoction of awesome DJs in town this weekend!

richie hawtin eflyer revised





My workstation at my new job is sick!

22 06 2009

My workstation at my new job is sick!

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Holy LCD screens batman!

Amazing stage setup for A-Trak at M2 ultralounge

18 06 2009

Amazing stage setup for A-Trak at M2 ultralounge

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Black keyboard- white netbook?

15 06 2009

Black keyboard- white netbook?

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I had an unfortunate spill right into the keyboard of my Hackintosh’d
Lenovo S10 netbook the other day leaving me with only the on-screen
keyboard to click-type with. I found a new keyboard on eBay for $20,
but opted for the contrasting black one instead of the boring stock
white keys that came with the computer. It works like a charm I’m
likin’ new look. What do you think?

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Belmont Stakes is totally deserted

6 06 2009

Belmont Stakes is totally deserted

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First photo taken with my new Palm Pre!

6 06 2009

First photo taken with my new Palm Pre!

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NYC stores’ stock of Palm Pre’s leaked out!

4 06 2009


I’m really excited about the Palm Pre launch info leaking out, mainly because I plan on purchasing one on Saturday. Last night a ton of reviews broke out on  the net, almost all of them positive, which was slightly surprising. Here we have Best Buy’s internal inventory computers listing the insanely small number of units available at each store in NYC.  The lists for every Best Buy in the US are also out, but since I’m in New York I thought I’d just spit out the important ones.   The good news is all Sprint stores will also have units available, but who knows how many!

Here’s the full lists: