My new DJ mix: Poco Loco

31 07 2009


I’ll be starting a new weekly DJ party at Poco in the East Village starting next Friday, August 7.   To get things warmed up, I’ve put  together a new mixtape.  Grab it from zShare at the link below and let me know what you  think in the comments!

Mac Harris presents Poco Loco Vol 1



3-way Birthday in Vegas coming up!

28 07 2009

Joce and Mac and  Tom's Vegas Birthday 2009

My best friends Jocelyn and Tom and I are having a 3-way birthday party in Vegas on September 11-14.  We’ve got the sickest penthouse in the city reserved for a weekend of debauchery.  If you know who I am you’re invited.  Give me a shout on FB or email and get your tickets to Vegas bitch!

Check out the RIDICULOUS penthouse we got at the Palms:

More Hackint0sh’d netbooks

21 07 2009

Just finished setting up a “Macbook” for a coworker. She wanted PINK so I obliged.  If you’re new to this,  these are Lenovo brand netbook laptops that I’ve hacked Apple’s Mac OS X onto instead of running Windows.  So they are just like baby macbooks in cool colors that won’t break the bank ($350 a pop!).  I love them.



Augmented Reality Twitter app for iPhone!

21 07 2009

All these augmented reality apps are flying toward the App Store this week.  The latest is TwittARound.  It uses the compass and camera and gps to overlay people’s tweets in realtime over what you are viewing on the camera.  It’s not out yet, but is in the elusive App Store approval black hole.  Let’s hope it comes out unscathed.

via Techcrunch

View from new place on 55th floor in Times Square

17 07 2009

Well it’s not MY place per say.  But I’ll be staying here with Joce for the next two weeks! W00t!

Augmented Reality app for iPhone helps you find the nearest subway

16 07 2009

This is pretty awesome.  A new app for the iPhone uses the camera, GPS, and compass to visually show you the direction and distance of the nearest NYC subway stations.   Since it needs the compass to detect your orientation, this will only work on the new iPhone 3GS (sorry 3G and 2G users).   I can’t wait to see what other cool apps will emerge in the augmented reality space;  iPhone is a perfect platform for these applications.

The app,  New York Nearest Subway, is developed by Acrossair, and is pending approval by Apple in the App Store.

Video below:

via Gothamist

Looking up at the new Sears Tower glass skydeck!

8 07 2009

Looking up at the new Sears Tower glass skydeck!

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