K-Pop haircut on a white boy

8 08 2012


My new Korean-Japanese nuvo haircut thanks to the amazing Leo at New Fashion hair salon on Rokin in Amsterdam


Mother Teresa Family Guy skit cut/censored on Indian TV

20 07 2011

This hilarious scene was cut from Star World India TV broadcasts so I felt compelled to post it.

Multiple kittens riding a Roomba = awesome

30 01 2009

Inauguration online video overkill!

20 01 2009

This is a snapshot of my screen now at work, no less than 4 different streams of pre-inauguration coverage.  Am I insane!?

Apple ships tiny replacement power adapters in GIANT BOXES!

9 10 2008

I just got my replacement iphone 3g power adapter in the mail from
apple. I was surprised to find it came in a ginormous box!  At least 30 of these things could have fit in this box. Hey Apple, have you forgotten about this http://www.apple.com/environment/ ?

Harder Bodies Faster Stronger!

15 11 2007


David Hasselhoff DRUNK, Lost his kids because of this video..

8 05 2007

Not as good as Willem vs. Limoncello, but it gets funnier towards the end.