Livestreaming from iPhone 3GS

28 08 2009

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My new DJ mix: Poco Loco

31 07 2009


I’ll be starting a new weekly DJ party at Poco in the East Village starting next Friday, August 7.   To get things warmed up, I’ve put  together a new mixtape.  Grab it from zShare at the link below and let me know what you  think in the comments!

Mac Harris presents Poco Loco Vol 1


3-way Birthday in Vegas coming up!

28 07 2009

Joce and Mac and  Tom's Vegas Birthday 2009

My best friends Jocelyn and Tom and I are having a 3-way birthday party in Vegas on September 11-14.  We’ve got the sickest penthouse in the city reserved for a weekend of debauchery.  If you know who I am you’re invited.  Give me a shout on FB or email and get your tickets to Vegas bitch!

Check out the RIDICULOUS penthouse we got at the Palms:

Augmented Reality Twitter app for iPhone!

21 07 2009

All these augmented reality apps are flying toward the App Store this week.  The latest is TwittARound.  It uses the compass and camera and gps to overlay people’s tweets in realtime over what you are viewing on the camera.  It’s not out yet, but is in the elusive App Store approval black hole.  Let’s hope it comes out unscathed.

via Techcrunch

Augmented Reality app for iPhone helps you find the nearest subway

16 07 2009

This is pretty awesome.  A new app for the iPhone uses the camera, GPS, and compass to visually show you the direction and distance of the nearest NYC subway stations.   Since it needs the compass to detect your orientation, this will only work on the new iPhone 3GS (sorry 3G and 2G users).   I can’t wait to see what other cool apps will emerge in the augmented reality space;  iPhone is a perfect platform for these applications.

The app,  New York Nearest Subway, is developed by Acrossair, and is pending approval by Apple in the App Store.

Video below:

via Gothamist

NYC stores’ stock of Palm Pre’s leaked out!

4 06 2009


I’m really excited about the Palm Pre launch info leaking out, mainly because I plan on purchasing one on Saturday. Last night a ton of reviews broke out on  the net, almost all of them positive, which was slightly surprising. Here we have Best Buy’s internal inventory computers listing the insanely small number of units available at each store in NYC.  The lists for every Best Buy in the US are also out, but since I’m in New York I thought I’d just spit out the important ones.   The good news is all Sprint stores will also have units available, but who knows how many!

Here’s the full lists:



Stereo Bluetooth headphones + iPhone 3.0 = WIN!

1 04 2009


One of the coolest things about the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software is support for A2DP Stereo Bluetooth devices (FINALLY!).  I just updated to the new iPhone 3.0 beta 2 firmware, So I picked up a pair of Motorola bluetooth headphones from Newegg for just under $40 to see how it works.  One word – awesome.   Finally iPhone can do what every other smartphone could since 2005, stream music wirelessly to headphones or speakers.  After a painless pairing of the headphones  to the iPhone, I was jammin to my iPod tracks sans wires almost instantly.  Sound quality was more than adequate and the range indoors was about 25-30 feet.  Outdoor use is another ballgame however, with the headphones getting choppy or cutting out with the iPhone in my pants pocket.  I moved the phone to my jacket pocket and the connection cleared right up.  Much better performance than on my Win-mo phones in the past.  All in all a great move from Apple, albeit two years in the making.