sELECTROclash Around the World: Barcelona

2 05 2007


First installment of sELECTROclash Around the World, showing off the technological advances of Spain. I know you guys in NYC are going to be jealous, but don’t worry you should be getting these models in Spring of ’09 (1909 that is). When you pay out the ass for a 19th story beach front apartment you get only the finest appliances.

The second picture is of a water kettle thing. Never seen one in the States but it’s great, it heats water to coffee temperature in 30 seconds and can boil a few litres in about 3 minutes.

Also notice the Spanish Wii in the third picture. It’s like a regular Wii but it doesn’t work from 2pm-5pm, when it takes siesta, along with the internet and every fucking person in Spain that sells cigarettes.


One last picture I wanted to add. This is the inside of our door. Notice it has a keyhole but no knob, meaning that it’s possible to get locked INSIDE the apartment if someone takes all the keys (all meaning the only one we haven’t lost) and locks the door. I guess there’s no fire codes in Spain.

Hey… locks and keyholes were new technology at one time. Apparently they still haven’t figured them out yet here.

-sELECTROclash global reporter mason55