RIP Feds shutdown freedom site in Sweden

31 05 2006

It’s a sad, sad day. This morning, Swedish authorities raided and shutdown my favorite bitTorrent file sharing site, The Pirate Bay on ground of copyright infringement. This is another beacon to American hedgemony over the world, with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) playing world police and enforcing its anti-consumer, pro-corporate greed “laws” against the free trade of information.

“The actions today taken in Sweden serve as a reminder to pirates all over the world that there are no safe harbors for Internet copyright thieves,” said Dan Glickman, the MPAA’s chief executive.

Fuck you MPAA, fuck you.

Link to the decimated remains of monument to free speech

AP News Wire article

UPDATE: The site says they’ll be back up in 1-2 days!

UP-UPDATE: The site is back up! Pirates Worldwide Rejoice!

UP-UP-UPDATE: The site is down again.



Deep Dish @ Crobar last nite-

27 05 2006

The NY Press VIP party at BED’s rooftop

25 05 2006

Checkin’ out the new fifth avenue Apple Store, NYC!

25 05 2006

If Apple Computer were Superman, this would be it's ice palace home. on the new MacBook black~

24 05 2006

I got to play with one of the newly released (and lusted after) MacBook laptops from Apple. The iSight webcam was so tiny I didn’t even notice it. And the MagSafe magnetic power connection was a lot smaller than I expected too. It’s new glossy widescreen, totally redesigned keyboard, keyboard, slim form factor, and smooth matte black finished metal exterior will surely occupy my wet gadget-dreams for the forseeable future.

Canyon Lake Texas with the furious Kite Tube

16 05 2006

DJing @ Carnival of Curiosities Fashion Show NYC!

12 05 2006

Wow what a night! Despite several mishaps setting up, I was able to throw down a killer DJ set for the packed boat full of models and camera strapped onlookers. It was a truly awesome experience for me. When, Oh when, can I quit my day job and become the globe-trotting-DJ-boy-from-the-future that my mother always knew I was!? haha!

Here’s a gallery of pics I took from the DJ booth with my MDA phone. My pals took some great shots with their real cameras though; which I will post here as soon as they’re up!

Carnival of Curiosities Fashion Show Pic Gallery

If anyone wants to check out my beats from last night, I’ve got all three hour-long mixes up for downloading right here!
Mac Harris SIRIUS Mixes

Was anybody at the show? Comments!